Company capability

Precision welding capability


Weimai possesses leading power in precision welding field in domestic and overseas.


Technologically-advance precision welding machines, experienced welding workers, and innovative welding development team constitute the ultra-strong precision welding ability of Weimai.



Precision sheet metal capability


Weimai owns perfect capability for sheet metal processing, such as R&D new product, mold design, precision molding, post finishing, detection test, etc.


Fully-equipped workshop: precision guillotine shears, 50T, 100T, 300T, 500T hydraulic press, high-speed punch, corrugated pipe forming machine, flexible metal hose production line.


Mold design: Sheet metal molds are independently developed by experienced mold technology group to meet products requirements.


Extensive products: diaphragm, rupture disk, C-type sealing ring, corrugated pipe, flexible metal hose, half pipe, semicanal  pipe, elbow pipe, reducer pipe, three-way hemispheroid, five-way hemispheroid etc.


Mechanical processing capability 


Mechanical processing capacity is the foundation of an enterprise. Anhui Weimai has perfect mechanical processing production line to guarantee the quality of parts and components.


In order to guarantee high quality of products, Anhui Weimai introduces five-axis machining center, CNC lathes and other advanced mechanical processing equipment from home and abroad, and comprehensively uses ERP management system to supervise and control the overall machining process.


Advanced equipment is the foundation and guarantee of high quality products while perfect and effective quality management is the soul of high quality products.


Detection and test capability


Detection and Test capability is the important guarantee of high quality products.


Anhui Weimai has the domestic leading preision detection and test capability.


Three -coordinate optial instruments


US Agilent Technology Leak Detector


Imported precision stiffness tester (compression and tension)


Hydraulic blasting test platform


33MPa high pressure gas station


effective area and volume measurement system


Metallographical +500 times Electron Microscope


redundancy endoscopy eliminating platform


Fatigue lifetime test system (high & low temperature ,mechnical lifetime ,pressure -bearing lifetime )


Perfect, advanced and effective detection and test capability can get an accurate and comprehensive acquaintance about product performance, and thus can provide a reliable basis for process grope and product research and development.