Flexible hose

Absorb the vibration of pipeline system


Vibration Under the condition of compression equipment running may cause parts and components on vulnerable spots malfunction in the early stage, the vibration conduct to outward along pipeline, may produce system resonance to damage other old components. More than that, noise generated by the vibration make an enormous impact on people physical and mental health. Therefore, to control vibration under the condition of equipment running and prevent conducting to outward along pipeline is an important key of compression equipment design.

A mega structure, air conditioner in the hall is provided by &/01 machine set 6FWB fixed in the basement (see Picture 1-5).


The vibration of machine set conduct to the ground of the hall through connecting pipe as a bridge, the value of noise up to 45dB. People always feel uncomfortable. After improving design, cascading flexible metal hose on connection pipeline, it not only absorbed partial noise generated by vibration of machines sets, but also lots of the noise produced by fluid pulsation in the pipeline, by this time, the value of the hall noise is only 33dB, which greatly improved the environment of hall.

Flexible metal hose can absorb vibration, it can not only improve the ability of fatigue damage system, but also reduce the noise. That’s why, some piping system adopts flexible metal hose.