Hydroformed bellows

Pipeline connection


Metal bellows can compensate the deviation caused by the installation position and meet the requirement of respective displacement of working end, and withstand the fluid pressure of the system.


Air conditioning flexible hose, metal corrugated pipe with braided net cover are specially used in high-rise building water supply, ventilation, and heat supply such as pipe system and the pipeline system connected by tank containers. Stainless steel metal flexible hose has the function of compensating building basal subsidence, isolating vibration and noise, offsetting piping installation error, and etc.




Work pressure 0.1 MPa -6.4 MP working temperature ≤420 ℃


Corrugated pipe material stainless steel 1Cr18Ni19Ti、0Cr19Ni9、00Cr17Ni14M02.、SUS304、SUS316L


Metal net cover material stainless steel0 cr19ni9, SUS304 .


Flange material  carbon steel/stainless steel

Water pump exits and entrances special corrugated metal hose( stainless steel flexible metal hose)


Metal net cover material Stainless steel (0Cr19Ni9 SUS304)



Product features:


Work pressure 0.1 MPa -4.0 MP


working temperature ≤420 ℃


Corrugated pipe material stainless steel (1 cr18ni9ti SUS304)