Welded bellows

Medium isolation

Corrugated pipe is used as isolation element, separating the two kinds of medium or preventing the harmful fluid into the equipment.
Bellows valve in the work process, the bellows and the stem work together with axial displacement and reset, while it also bears the pressure of  fluid and absolute seal. The working stroke of the bellows is generally the 1/4 of path. The axial displacement of the corrugated pipe should be limited by the mechanical limit through the valve stem, which is not allowed to plastic deformation and distortion.


The cut-off valve, throttle valve, regulating valve, pressure reducing valve in the field of nuclear industry, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, aerospace and so on.



Performance parameter


Double bellows as standard configuration


DN15-DN100 with throttle valve head as the standard configuration


Maintenance free


Cooling type valve cover design


The stem is sealed by bellows


Packing seal ensures double safety


Tape stroke indicator


Dark bar design (internal thread)


Corrugated pipe anti twisting device


The stem threads are located outside the valve body


Stem thread hardening