Welded bellows

Sensitive components


There is a high demand for the elastic properties of corrugated tubes as elastic sensing elements Bellows, used as the elastic sensing element, basically change the pressure to the displacement output or the pressure into the concentrated force output. The pressure changed to concentrated force output. Bellow tube’s deformation is very small or almost no displacement, so the stress output displacement of the ripple is small, almost no influence of elastic aftereffect and lag.


Bellows type sensor, that is, bending beam structure sensor, using metal bellows welding sealing form, filled with inert gas inside.


Common dynamic weighing equipment: weighing coal feeder, weighing feeder, electronic belt scale, spiral, electronic belt scale measurement, single roller belt scale, double supporting roller belt scale, spiral weighing feeder, batching scale and other measurement and control equipment.


Common static weighing equipment: weighing apparatus measuring instrument type corrugated pipe weighing sensor of truck scale, packing scale, hopper scales and single scale, such as electronic belt scale, hopper scale, platform scale and other special scales.



Performance parameter:


Integrated precision 0.02 (linear + hysteresis + repeatability)


Rated load 10 ~ 1000kg


Input impedance 385 + 10


Output impedance 350 + 3


Sensitivity 2 mV/V


Creep + 0.02 S/30min%F


Zero output + 1%F / S


Zero point temperature influence + 0.02 S/10%F


Output temperature effect + 0.02 S/10%F


Working temperature -20 C ~ +65


Insulation resistance M >5000


Safe overload 150% S F


Bridge voltage recommendation 10VDC


Material alloy steel or stainless steel